A Flow-Easy vibrator provides numerous benefits to operators of tippers and dump trucks in the transport, quarry and mining industries.

  • Less time unloading, more time making money.
    Whether you’re transporting bulk solids like fertiliser and stock feed, sands and rock or are operating a vacuum tanker a Flow-Easy vibrator speeds up the unloading process providing an efficient, safe and controlled load discharge.
  • Minimise the risk of tipping.
    Materials adhering to the truck tray can increase the risk of truck tipping. A Flow-Easy vibrator breaks down compacted material, eliminating carry back while dispensing material at a lower and safer tray angle.
  • Reduce cross contamination.
    As well as being a cost effective alternative to body liners, a vibrator significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination, particularly where grains and fertiliser are being transported. Over time body liners expand and overlap creating pockets where fugitive material can become entrapped, increasing the potential for material contamination.
  • Easy to install.
    With 12 and 24 Volt models available, a Flow-Easy vibrator is easy to install with minimal modifications required. Under normal operating conditions the vibrator will outlast a tipper body and can be refitted to new equipment as required. Hydraulic and pneumatically powered options are also available.
  • Lower costs/Increase safety.
    A Flow-easy vibrator improves driver and truck safety, lowers fuel and maintenance costs and reduces wear and tear on truck and trailer.