Truck Vibrators

Flow-Easy D.C. Electric and hydraulic vibrators have many uses, every day they can be found hard at work breaking down built up material in side tippers and tip trucks to bitumen and farm spreaders. A range of models are offered to suit tray bodies from 10 metres in length to the smallest farm trailers. Flow-Easy vibrators are available in 12 or 24 volt DC and hydraulic options depending on your plant requirements. Whether it’s a Flow-Easy DC or hydraulic vibrator, high speed- high VPM centrifugal force is generated and transferred into the equipment structure forcing the most stubborn material to break up and discharge.

With high force output, a Flow-Easy truck Vibrator need only be in operation for a matter of seconds to complete the task of moving materials. Typically, the operation is controlled from the safety of a cabin or externally on the plant if required. The majority of our range come with an installation kit supplied as standard.

Flow-Easy D.C. Vibrators can be found solving flow problems on tipping trucks, belly dumpers, side dumpers, bitumen and agri spreaders, hook lift skel trailers, non-destructive digging/vacuum trucks and any other form of mobile plant where storage hoppers are being used. Road vibration over distances causes material compaction. These vibrators are the simple answer to assisting discharge, reducing carry back and importantly reducing the risk of dangerous truck tipping accidents.