Turbine Vibrators

Enmin Turbine Vibrators offer efficient handling of bulk solids in a wide variety of applications from food processing to pharmaceuticals to heavy industrial.

Turbine vibrators maintain their speed and efficiency over time because their construction makes them lubrication free.

Unlike other vibrators, Turbine Vibrators operate at low noise levels to comply with OH&S standards. The turbine design achieves low air consumption by maintaining a constant speed.

These precision industrial vibrators use the centrifugal force generated by an unbalanced rotor to provide vibratory forces that can be employed in moving compacted materials or in reverse, inducing compaction of packaged products.

They offer:

  • Low operational noise levels
  • No lubrication required making them ideal for hygienic environments
  • Constructed from aliminium extrusions, they are precision machined before being hard anodised for secure protection in cleaning and environmental conditions.
  • A range of base mounted models are available
  • Vibratory forces can be adjusted simply by changing the air pressure.
    A compact product that delivers a surprising amount of usable force


Almost every industry where noise is an issue can benefit from the use an Enmin Turbine Vibrator and in particular where the application is close to plant operators since the noise levels are generally below factory requirements.

Areas where Enmin Turbine Vibrators have been successfully used include bottling and canning lines, parts feeders in the metal products processing, setting of small packets of food stuffs.