Cleveland Turbine

The Cleveland Vibrator Co. CVT-A line of Turbomite pneumatic, turbine, industrial vibrators feature anodized aluminum construction with a unique design separating the vibrator body from the mounting base. This system enables flexibility to match existing 1 bolt or 2 bolt hole patterns with any sized unit, or to design a custom mounting base to fit your unique application. Our turbine design is unparalleled in efficiency with optimal force-to-weight and force-to-air consumption ratios 2x to 4x better than competitors and remarkably low noise levels.

DURABLE – quality anodized aluminum construction and ultra efficient use of air for force production make these units last long, even in continuous duty.

SAFE – turbine design produces virtually no noise while pneumatic power allows for operation in hazardous areas.

VERSATILE – design allows for start and run at low pressure and mounting at any angle on your bins, hoppers, chutes, feeders, tracks, screeds or molds. A wide variety of force outputs from 54 lbs. to 580 lbs. make them ideal for medium sized jobs on materials between 200 lbs. and 4000 lbs. Our unique design allows for ultimate flexibility in mounting to existing bolt holes or a custom mounting.

EASY – comes with mounting fasteners, push-in hose fitting and your choice of mounting base already installed for a quick set-up.