Acetal Plastic Turbine

The Cleveland Vibrator Co. CVT-P line of pneumatic turbine industrial vibrators feature Acetal plastic and laser etched #304 stainless steel construction, optimal for use in clean room and sterile environments. Our turbine design is unparalleled in efficiency with optimal force-to-weight and force-to-air consumption ratios 2x to 4x better than competitors and remarkably low noise levels.

DURABLE – ultra efficient use of air for force production make these units last long, even in continuous duty.

SAFE – turbine design produces virtually no noise while pneumatic power allows for operation in hazardous areas.

VERSATILE – design allows for start and run at low pressure and mounting at any angle on your bins, hoppers, chutes, feeders and tracks. A wide variety of force outputs from 7 lbs. to 146 lbs. make them ideal for precise small jobs on materials between 25 lbs. and 1000 lbs.

EASY – comes with mounting fasteners for a quick set-up.