A Flow-Easy vibrator will fluidise the most difficult materials in your storage vessel and prevent costly blockages in bins and silos.

  • Maximise productivity.
    A Flow-Easy vibrator will ensure smooth, unrestricted flow of materials in any bulk handling environment thereby maximising productivity and cost efficiency.
  • Vibrators for every industry.
    Our customised range of Industrial vibrators suits any industry that handles bulk material. The range is specifically designed to suit Australia’s environment and covers a multitude of industries including agriculture, mining, quarrying, concrete, ports and terminals metals, plastics and recycling.
  • Improve safety.
    Reduce operator workload, improve workplace safety and minimise WH&S claims.
  • Cost effective.
    When you factor in the immediate improvement in productivity, the return on investment is quickly achieved.
  • The complete package.
    We are one of the few companies that can offer the complete package; not only the vibrator but also the mounting plate and the pneumatic control system, the tubes and the fittings – a complete one-stop solution.
  • Outstanding durability.
    Like all Enmin equipment, Flow-Easy vibrators are designed and manufactured to provide excellent reliability and outstanding durability in the toughest environments.

The Flow-Easy range of industrial vibrators.